Contestants admitted to the Shigeru Kawai Piano Competition Italy-Spain 2022

First of all, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and effort to participate in the Shigeru Kawai Italy-Spain Piano Competition 2022.

And congratulations to those selected to compete in the first phase that will take place on October 26 at the Shigeru Kawai Center in Corsico (Milan).

The admitted contestants are:

  • Leo de María
  • Nicolas Giacomelli
  • Yuna Tamogami
  • Raúl Canosa
  • Emanuele Savron
  • Paolo Ehrenheim
  • Simone Anelli
  • Simone Sammicheli
  • Manuel Alonso-Bartol Sánchez
  • Tommaso Zucchinali


We are waiting for you on October 26.

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