Reopening of the call for the Shigeru Kawai competition in Milan 24-30 October 2022

The call for the Shigeru Kawai competition is reopened in Italy and Spain: Milan 24-30 October 2022.

A few months ago, we promised you that as soon as the health situation improved, we would return with more strength and enthusiasm to organize the Shigeru Kawai piano competition. On this occasion we have chosen a common project between Italy and Spain since the two countries share many high-level young artists, prepared and very excited to launch into this adventure.

As most of you already know, the Shigeru Kawai competition in Tokyo was created a few years ago with the same purpose and desire to promote young pianists by rewarding all their efforts. However, the international context in which we find ourselves has forced the decision to delay the tests once again and place the call for summer 2022 (The tests will start in February 2022).

We will all be prepared so that our winner, whoever wins the Shigeru Kawai contest in Italy and Spain, can travel to Japan and participate in this international event played by the best pianists in the world. On this occasion, the venue for our grand finale, as well as the preliminary face-to-face phases, will be Milan and will take place at the end of October 2022. We look forward to seeing you.






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